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Fill in your order details, as well as pickup and drop off address

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Choose from the available vendors to deliver your goods, you may compare all delivery companies prices!

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You may choose exclusive packages offered by vendors to fix your costs and make the process faster!

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Find deals and offers on supplies that assist in cutting your Cost of Goods

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Upon signing up and pinning their location, users can add combinations of the different products they provide (e.g. hot, small or cold, medium). In case the business is delivering food that needs to be stored in cool temperature, the delivery company can send the appropriate car. They can view all the registered delivery companies, available time slots, prices and book delivery cars with as little clicks as possible. A link is generated and sent to the customer so they can track their order without having to download the app.


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Delicon is a third party logistics solution to all businesses. Any business that books delivery cars through the app can also track the drivers as they are approaching to pick up the orders and when they’re on their way to deliver them.