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Delicon Chatbot

Delicon Chatbot

Delicon offers its AI powered WhatsApp chatbot to help delivery companies and logistics providers to receive orders via Chatbot

Reduce Customer Service costs and improve customer experience with Delicon Chatbot, our script and integration with allows you to receive delivery orders on your WhatsApp easily.

Delicon Chatbot

Get reports on your deliveries

Know your business like never before thanks to Delicon's insightful reporting dashboard. View deliveries performance by provider to improve efficiency.


Driver Performance

Using Delicon's fleet management solution, you will be able to track your driver performance and get detailed reports on his deliveries


Detailed Pricing Setup

Delicon offers you the flexibility to setup your prices per distance, per zone, or fixed fee for multi drop off orders. You will also be empowered to customize your prices per client

How hard is it?

Are you wasting time on managing your orders received by WhatsApp? Are you missing on opportunities? 

Get control over your delivery experience. Reduce costs and improve customer experience by easily providing a complete delivery ordering Chatbot experience through your Scripts.

  • Save time on followup with customers

  • Optimize customer service costs

  • Manage direct messages from all social platforms in one place

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss setting up the solution for your business through a free guided demo to see Delicon in action.