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From ecommerce to logistics

Simplify your online order management and focus on your craft and your customers. Delicon offers you the below products


We don’t only provide management solutions for ecommerce and delivery companies. 3PL businesses offering warehousing and fulfillment use Delicon to improve their warehouse & delivery operations to reach their full potential.

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Customized Case Studies

Delicon have worked on multiple customized logistics solutions that utilizes the inntellegence and flexibility of our solution. Solutions may vary from gifts distributions to custom rout fulfilment modules can be provided event at white labelling terms

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Dark kitchens

With no physical location or floor staff to speak of, cloud kitchens (aka ghost kitchens or dark kitchens) are defined entirely by their food, their logistics efficiency, and their online availability. Delicon takes care of the last two so you can focus on what matters most.

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Delivery Companies

Manage your drivers in the most convinient and easy to use fleet management platform. Using Delicon you will have a dual language platform to live track our drivers, and manage their performances.

Delicon elevates the fleet management platform and enables you to setup prices per client with the pricing method of your preference

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Ecommerce Platforms

We work with ecommerce platforms of all shapes and sizes to help them cut costs, improve their operational flow, and grow their business by mastering the world of online order and delivery platforms.

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IT Companies

Delicon works with IT Companies to overcome logistics integrations hassle and perfect their management flow across multiple offerings.

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Our solution fits all quick commerce businesses. Q-commerce businesses from various industries, convenience stores, retailers, and grocery stores and restaurants use Delicon to improve their logistics operations to reach their full potential.

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