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Dark kitchens

With no physical location or floor staff to speak of, cloud kitchens (aka ghost kitchens or dark kitchens) are defined entirely by their food, their logistics efficiency, and their online availability. Delicon takes care of the last two so you can focus on what matters most.

Dark kitchens

All your online orders straight to your delivery and shipping couriers

We automate the flow of sending your orders to your logistics providers. No more manual re-entry, or unnecessary delays.


Ecommerce integrations

Integrate with local and regional ecommerce platforms within few steps. with more than 20 integrations, you will be able to integrate with most ecommerce platforms


Multi Branch / Multi Pickup modules

You may send orders from different branches, as well as send orders with multiple pickup locations

How we help kitchen staff

Through our partnerships with platforms such as Foodics and Deliverect, all orders are pushed straight to the kitchen printer in a standardized ticket format, enabling kitchen staff to prep orders faster and make fewer mistakes.

Delicon further improves your efficiency by sending regular order status updates to relevant parties, ensuring a smooth pick-up and delivery.

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How we help managers

Delicion simplifies omni-channel restaurant management so you can easily adopt more sales channels, connect with more customers, and increase your revenue.  

You can run multiple virtual brands on a single account with our integrated reporting dashboard tools.

Using our software solution, you can maage and update multiple orders for multiple brands from your own dashboard, pushing changes to all your delivery channels simultaneously.

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