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Managing your clients and drivers have never been easier

Delivery Companies

Manage your drivers in the most convinient and easy to use fleet management platform. Using Delicon you will have a dual language platform to live track our drivers, and manage their performances.

Delicon elevates the fleet management platform and enables you to setup prices per client with the pricing method of your preference

Delivery Companies

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate with local and regional ecommerce platforms within few steps. with more than 20 integrations, you will be able to integrate with most ecommerce platforms


Detailed Pricing Setup

Delicon offers you the flexibility to setup your prices per distance, per zone, or fixed fee for multi drop off orders. You will also be empowered to customize your prices per client


Driver Performance

Using Delicon's fleet management solution, you will be able to track your driver performance and get detailed reports on his deliveries

How we help delivery companies

Set orders to get assigned automatically to the closest driver and increase the orders capacity per fleet manager. Get detailed reports on driver revenues

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How we help fleet managers

Get detailed report on drivers performances. Using Delicon fleet managers will be able to live track their drivers and checkout assigned orders with their details ETA's from and to pickup and drop off destinations.

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