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A Multi lingual Driver App to help your Hero's


Our easy to use Driver app is offered in English, Arabic and Hindi. It has simple steps to accept, decline, and cancel order on route.


Driver Performance

Using Delicon's fleet management solution, you will be able to track your driver performance and get detailed reports on his deliveries


Get reports on your deliveries

Know your business like never before thanks to Delicon's insightful reporting dashboard. View deliveries performance by provider to improve efficiency.


Detailed Pricing Setup

Delicon offers you the flexibility to setup your prices per distance, per zone, or fixed fee for multi drop off orders. You will also be empowered to customize your prices per client


Check out our other features on offer

Reports & Tracking

For Delivery companies we give you the tools to keep better track of your deliveries, and the ability to manage your drivers autonomously

All types of deliveries

Using Delicon, all order types are supported: On demand, Scheduled, Multi drop off orders as well as multi pickup orders. Use whatever module your business requires

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss setting up the solution for your business through a free guided demo to see Delicon in action.