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Reduce your integrations hassle by integrating with one logistics platform

IT Companies

Delicon works with IT Companies to overcome logistics integrations hassle and perfect their management flow across multiple offerings.

IT Companies

All your online orders straight to your delivery and shipping couriers

We automate the flow of sending your orders to your logistics providers. No more manual re-entry, or unnecessary delays.


Multi Branch / Multi Pickup modules

You may send orders from different branches, as well as send orders with multiple pickup locations


Get reports on your deliveries

Know your business like never before thanks to Delicon's insightful reporting dashboard. View deliveries performance by provider to improve efficiency.

How we help developers

We provide the best software available to streamline operational flow from the front of store to the driver delivering the order. This means less manual tasks for floor staff, and greater efficiency at scale.

Developers will have the privilege of integrating any with logistics provider through Delicon single API.

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How we help increase revenue margins

Delicon helps IT companies integrate any delivery or shipping provider of their choice. Therefore, this will not only reduce the developing costs, but also help the IT company strike deals with their delivery companies to earn commissions

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