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What we provide

we provide

Delicon is B2B2X logistics solutions provider. Delicon was born to connect deliveries to business and their consumers in a seamless and simple fashion. We are here to create the standard in service quality, cutitng edgeg technology, and transparency in pricing.


Delicon is a plaform that connects entrepreneurs with a variety of delivery companues. Customer can choose the comapny that bes meed their requirement based on their prices and the nature of their services.


A dashboard for businesses to schedule orders. With our high UX/UI dashboard, we enable businesses to place an order in less than 1 min. Business can the live track drivers on map, monitor delivery status, chat with delivery company as well as export reports. Businesses may also find their supplies at discounted offers.


For our e-commerce clients, Delicon offers a general standard API, efficiently designed to smoothly integrate with their systems. All orders will be assigned automatically from your e-commerce platform to our drivers.


The service enable delivery companies to monitor drivers, view orders and assign orders to drivers. The platform help delivery companies to not only to use the fleet efficiently but also fill in their empty time-slots with orders from Delicon. Highlighted feature: driver schedule, live interactive map, details reporting and tracking receipts.


1. On Demand Orders: usually by F&B and fast moving goods where drivers will be picking up the orders within 30 miutes from placing the order 2. Schedule Delivery: where your platform schedules all orders within a specified timeframe (i.e. Next Day Delivery or After 2 Days) 3. Dynamic User Calendar: if you are a large e-commerce platform that wants to enhance your customers where they will have a calendar and time slots to search for available drivers, to set their preferred time and date of delivery.


Delicon general standard API power its platform for support in logistic services. Behind these API's is software layer connecting and optimizing logistics dispatching in Kuwait. Your users will be able to submit orders to any delivery company at the best possible price.
Our API enables your e-commerce platform to seemlessly integrate with our affiliated vendors and place orders to them without your invention.
The API is only expected to reduce the time and efforts needs to communicate to drivers, but also improves efficiency and user experience as a whole.
In Practice our API applied the following flow:
1. User fill their address details
2. Your platform will fetch the deleivery price by sending the pickup and drop off address to Delicon
3. The user will confirm and checkout
4. Upon confirmation, a driver will be on his way to pickup the order.
5. Once the driver picks up the order, the order will be on route to deliver with delivery confirmation shared by order status through API.