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Managing logistics have never been so easy


For all businesses, you may placed orders using our user dashboard and push them to your internal fleet or your preferred delivery company. Using the dashboard you can top up your wallet, place orders, track your orders, and much more


All your online orders straight to your delivery and shipping couriers

We automate the flow of sending your orders to your logistics providers. No more manual re-entry, or unnecessary delays.


Ecommerce integrations

Integrate with local and regional ecommerce platforms within few steps. with more than 20 integrations, you will be able to integrate with most ecommerce platforms


Get reports on your deliveries

Know your business like never before thanks to Delicon's insightful reporting dashboard. View deliveries performance by provider to improve efficiency.

Integrate your online orders with your couriers

We partner with systems and delivery platforms around the country

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss setting up the solution for your business through a free guided demo to see Delicon in action.