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What we offer

we offer

Logistics and Fleet management has become increasingly critical as marketplaces become more digitize. Managing logistics operations is extremely time consuming and costly. The logistics services industry is fragmented and offer archaic solutions.

  • Secure Storage

    Store your products with us at premium prices

  • Fast Delivery

    Deliver your products locally in Kuwait

  • Worldwide Shipping

    Ship your products to the GCC and Globally

Mobile Application

Application for business to contact and demand delivery services.

Features includes:

  • Schedule Order
  • Tracking Order
  • Tracking Receipts
  • Chat with delivery companies
  • Single drop-off and multiple drop-off

Fleet Management Dashboard

  • Our System is engineered to enable vendors to control their logistics network with minimal effort
  • Vendors can easily track and manage their received orders

User Dashboard

  • Manage and schedule deliveries
  • Users can track orders
  • Similar to marketplace app, this web-based dashboard is aimed at more established businesses with larger operations

Delivery of small to large packages

  • Vehicles:   All sizes
  • Supplier deliveries
  • Website integration through API

Warehouse facility

  • Full integration with delivery
  • Our on demand storage service enables you to pay per use
  • Cost saving and increased operating efficiency